Don't you go and get it twisted
Forgiving is not forgetting
— Paramore

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What has been the most difficult thing you have had to forgive?

I was literally hate myself if I do some mistakes. When I was teenagers, I never thought to long about my problems. I was spending my time at how to change myself to be better, improving myself, also searching the solution of my problems. Then a years later, I was in very toxic situation that I ever imagine.
As of when I'm writing this, then I thought maybe it was not that bad at all. Probably I was never feels that way before, all the problems was new to me and I was spending it all alone, that was the moment when I hit my hard times.

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In the beginning, it was a small mistakes that I do, just because some people don't like me to do that, suddenly everyone around me acted so different. People was talk about bad things behind my back, so many criticism come to me. I was thought maybe what I do its really wrong and I was deserve to treat that way.

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I really hate made a mistakes ever since. I got trauma and that was the triggered about me had an atelophobia began. I can't even consider to tiny bit a mistakes. I won't forgive myself if I was to do that. I cry a lot, even I do some self-harmed. Everything seems like so difficult, my day becomes colorless, what I see it just a darkness. All I want is nothing more than to accepting every flawed that I had. Mistakes, wrong, guilty, weaknesses, it’s all that makes us a human, the perfect living things in this world.

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Please for you who read this, don't ever following me to do what I said in this article. It's all just the past, now I'm completely fine! Also I don't have any intent to bring anyone down. Sharing is caring.

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