The room was lit with shades of orange
As writhing flame sits in the fireplace
Though he's laying still in the velvet sheets
With the crackling fire, his shadow sways

The moon shone through the curtains
The pale silver light danced on his face
A halo of brilliance floating all over him
And I can only watch in utter amusement

The wall's red hue hovered on his skin
His dark, dark eyes locked on mine intently
Even so, his gaze held a gentle nature
And I can only exhale with pure admiration

His slim fingers brushed my cheeks
Before sealing my lips with a tender kiss
A surge of warmth washes over me
Oh, how he stuns me incessantly

This fair man whom I claim as my lover
Has a touch that's scorching and demanding
And like the ocean onto the sand lapping
His heat soaked into every inch of my being

Even with his raven hair tousled and wet
With beads of sweat forming on his forehead
He still looks like he's straight out of a movie
Gallant and astral, a Greek god, perhaps

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