I'm back and I've brought some motivation and tips to spill! Yesterday I realized that I'm not happy with my body and eating habits and I wanna change it because I promised myself that 2018 is gonna be my year especially when it comes to self growth. So this is my plan on how to lose weight and be healthy while eating everything that I like so I hope I help some of you!

Eat everything

So most of people think that losing weight requires being on a strict diet and eating only salads..well that's stupid as fuck if you ask me. Not only will you quit after a couple of days and then binge eat but you'll also feel bad while doing it and lemme just say its unhealthy af. Instead, just eat in moderate proportions and try to make small changes each day like eating fast food twice a week or drinking sodas once a week.

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But also, try to eat as healthy as you can!! There are a lot of recipes on internet especially on pinterest!

Just keep moving

It's really important to stay active! You don't have to go to a gym or something, there are a milion other options to replace with it. My plan is to get out of my house for at least 2 hours a day. Walking,riding my bike or running,it doesn't mater as long as I'm on my feet. I also like doing my workouts because after it I feel like I'm actually working on improving myself. For that I've been using this app where you can find workouts for each part of your body + you can chose a level you want your workouts to be on..it's called 30 Day Fitness Challenge

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I eat when I'm bored,and I'm bored basically all the time so u can see my problem..its another habit I want to quit. When you stop doing this you'll see that you ate much much more than you needed..it's the easiest way to gain weight and be unhealthy. Instead, try to find a hobby which will occupy your mind so you won't think of food. For me it's usually drawing,writing,watching something or trying to learn new things like makeup or something I'm interested in,like outer space lol.

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Balance your meals

Because I have a hardcore sweet tooth I told myself I won't eat sweets before lunch. Also, I find that eating two hours after lunch actually makes a big difference for me because ,usually, 10 mins after my meal I'm like: okay time for dessert!! But this way,I'll eat less,enjoy those snack more and feel less bloated and full.

Drink water

Listen, I know you hear this everyday but its for a reason! It does help with weight loss but its also really healthy and helps in so many other ways like clearer skin and basically everything considering your body

Find motivation

For a lot of things I wanna do, I get lazy and just end up daydreaming about my goals instead of working on them. So to fix this, I always make some sorts of collections or vision boards and put them somewhere visible so I remind myself what I want and what I need to do in order to have or change the things I wanna accomplish or improve.

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That's it for todays post. I reallyyy hope I inspired and motivated some of you to work on your goals if fitness and healthy lifestyle is one of them! If I did or if you just wanna talk message me!!! 💕