1. never judge someone.
and if you do, it's okay. but don't hold on to the opinion you created.
(that's the part they don't tell you. it's a lot of effort to stop judging. it's just not in our nature. so don't beat yourself up if you do, just be open to change your opinion. it might seem like people with strong opinions are doing it right, but actually they aren't. don't let their confidence blind you.)
2. be confident in everything you do.
even the mistakes. doing things wrong is even more important than doing things right on the first try. because you learn from it.
don't be insecure. please. just don't. life is so much better when you're fully unfolding yourself and nothing's holding you back. just thrive.
3. don't be scared and don't regret.
every negative feeling is either pain from the past you're still holding onto or fear from the future that makes you anxious. when you're fully living in the moment and absolutely accept yourself and your situation, then you're happy. (that's why mediation is so good. you probably heard this a hundred times before, but... you should try it.)

4. be honest. i don't just mean "don't lie", i also mean "be as sincere and authentic as you can be". it feels much better. and, maybe it's karma, but i also feel like people treat you nicer, they trust you more and you can just build a much stronger connection. don't hide all the negative things about you, it's okay. be yourself, don't act like you are someone you'd like to be.
5. do more sport
do it for your mind, not your body. of course, your body as well, but not with the goal to look ore attractive. find a sport that's fun for you, where you can build strengh and benefit your health, connect with yourself and relieve stress.
6. eat less sugar and more fat
(like avocado and coconut, but i guess you've already heard this, since the whole internet is obsessing over this kind of "avocado lifestyle")
and remember: don't force yourself into a diet that doesn't feel natural for you. if you only eat stuff you don't really like, that lowers your quality of life. and we want the opposite, right?
7. read books instead of watching movies once in a while.
your imagination and your ability to focus will thank you
8. sing and dance whenever you feel like it.
you don't have to give a fuck what other people think about you
9. draw or do something else creative on the regular.
we have such a wonderful infinite resource inside our heads, we should use it.
why waste your time just taking in stuff others have made, like videogames, art, books, music, movies etc., when you could just as well create your own and express what makes you special.
10. don't use cosmetics with bad ingredients.
generally, be careful what you put inside (and outside) of your body.
your body is the only place you have to live in, so treat it with care and invest in yourself.
11. step out of your comfort zone once in a while.
(bonus point if you do it confidently. two bonus points if you can admit that you're uncomfortable and still be confident.)
just do the things that go further than what you have to do, give 101% and go the extra mile to make a new experience.

12. have faith.
i'm still working on this one for myself. changing your mindset to the bigger picture takes it's time. but i already feel how powerful it is.
i explained my kind of "faith" in this article:

i wish you all the best, message me if you feel like it and i really hope any of this helped you :)

xx, a random girl from the internet