Hello my cuties here on WHI and also, hi WHI! I'm here again with my Bucket List points. I wanna show you more five of my points from my Bucket List and I hope you wanna enjoy it. Also, I wanna say a huge thank you for the previous article of this, 'cause I become much hearts and reactions on it. So, thank you so much guys, I love you so much! But let this begin!

Rope swing into water

I don't really have a chance to try this out, but one day I really wanna try it out and just spalsh into the water. But I need someone with me, 'casue I don't really know swimming. Haha, sad story...

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Have a Christmas movie marathon

I wanna do it last year, but I wasn't at home and I just can't do it, but I watched Grinch on New Year's Eve. And I was really happy about it.

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Have a summer job

Last summer I had one and I liked it really well. I worked in a bakery and I worked from Monday to Friday, I travel these days with a train to the shop and it was so good. It was very hot, but I hide in the shades. Haha. I look like a vampire, like Yoongi, so I don't really like the sun. Anyways, it was so much fun and I had a good summer too.

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Make my own melted crayon art

Once I saw many of these arts here and on the internet and they look really cool and beautfiul! Everyone does it in their way and they're awesome! I wanna do it one for myself too, but I don't know now, when I wanna do it. I think it gonna be on summer. And if I did it, I upload it here, so you can see my art. Haha.

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Get my license

Okay, this is the best thing what I have done with it! I just got my license in February and after it I drove two cars. It goes a bit difficult, but if I practise much and hard, I gonna be a really good driver. Anyone for a drive? Haha.

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So, these were my next five points from my Bucket List. I hope you liked it as much as the previous article. I wanna show you my whole list and I will do it.
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