Hello my beautiful readers!

Where I live Autumn is starting, and well it's kinda sad seeing all this spring/summer inspo while I'm going to be freezing in my house!

But I found some beautiful hairstyles to style this Spring and I'd love you to wear them!

Hair tied

This is a simple one but it looks amazing when you have a wavy hair and you put a gorgeous hair tie that matches the color of your hair!

hair, fashion, and hairstyle image girl, hair, and fashion image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Two Braids

This hairstyle is so simple but so cute! Everyone looks gorgeous on Braids!

Temporarily removed beauty, braids, and flawless image braids, brunette, and hair image braids, fashion, and girl image


It's cliche, I know, but hair looks gorgeous if you put some flowers on it, it's perfect for a photoshoot or if you want to make a diference!

Temporarily removed beauty, blonde, and flowers image Temporarily removed beauty, black women, and dark skin image


This simple but gorgeous hairstyle is my favorite! I love how my hair looks after I take off my hair tie! So wavy but so good!

bun, fashion, and hairstyle image Inspiring Image on We Heart It sabrina carpenter image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

So hope you liked and wear one of this hairstyle for this Spring! They are beautiful and it fits to everyone!

I love you so much guys!