Hey Reader!❤

I thought it would be fun to show you a few words in my language.
Our grammar is a little bit difficult but it's worth to try it.
I tried to write down how you should say out the words but you can use Google Translate too.😅
I hope you will like it and let me know if you like it and want a part 2.

Good Morning! - Jó reggelt! (joo reg-elt)

I can speak Hungarian. - Tudok magyarul. (too-dok modge-a-rool)

I love you! - Szeretlek! (seiretlek)

I'm hungry! - Éhes vagyok! (a-hes vadjok)

Thank you! - Köszönöm! (kers-ern-erm)

See ya! - Szia! (seeya)

Yes! - Igen! (ee-gen)

No! - Nem! (nem)

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