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I hope you all are having a fantastic day! This article is for all you beautiful people who are just starting out wearing makeup and would like to do their makeup more professional. Practice makes perfect and to help you start here are some tips you could use to make the process easier for you.

♛Skin Care

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Clean skin is the key ingredient for the best look. No matter what you buy and how expensive the makeup is, it won't look as good without proper skincare techniques.

♛You don't have to use it all

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What I mean by this is. You don't have to wear eye makeup, lipstick, lip liner, foundation if you don't need it. Focus on things that really enhance your features for the best look.

♛Test out beauty products

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Always test a product before buying! Find the shades that fit you the best.


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Finding the beauty products you truly like or the ones that you feel will really work for you can take some time. Don’t get discouraged if the products you picked out aren’t what you were expecting.


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Smart tips to save $$$

DO NOT SPEND HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS ON MAKEUP!! You don't want to go overboard.

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