Do you love to write? Are you new at it and want to test the waters? Do you want a chance for recognition as a writer? Or maybe you just want to exercise that writing muscle. I have a proposition for you!

I am looking to put together a collection of short stories (1,500-30,000 words - no more, no less please). If I get a decent amount of worthy candidates, I will put them all together to create an ebook on Amazon Kindle. If not, then it will still be fun to write and collaborate together! You will have a prompt of course, which I will give soon. (Patience.)

I will be accepting submissions until May 20th of this year. Please don't message me asking to 'save a spot' if you start to write something. That isn't how this is going to work. Take your time writing and just submit what you have before this date please. I will read them all (which I can't wait for) and then decide which ones are some of the best.

Now for your prompt This doesn't have to be a starter, but it could be.

After everything that had happened, the house didn't feel the same to her any longer.

Happy writing! Feel free to ask questions too :)