Hi, I'm Lili again and now I'm back with an article which is again a TAG, namely the This Or That Tag. I sorted you 15 this or that question from these articles 👇

So if you want to know what am I chose, just stay with me and read my article 😉

1, Coffee or Tea

Absolute coffee

coffee, sunglasses, and black image coffee, Cookies, and cozy image

2, Winter or Summer


summer, summertime, and sun image ulzzang, girl, and asian image

3, Cats or Dogs


animals, cat, and kitties image Temporarily removed

4, City or nature

I very like the nature, but I like the city more.

blonde, drinking, and girl image Image removed

5, Book or movie

Movies, but I like read too.

Temporarily removed aesthetic, bibliophile, and books image

6, Candy or Chocolate

Chocolate forever

chocolate, cookie, and gossip girl image chocolate, dessert, and cocoa image

7, Black and white or color

Black and White

Temporarily removed girl, nirvana, and black and white image

8, Skirts or shorts

Shorts all time

fashion, style, and cute image fashion, style, and outfit image

9, Home or Travelling

Absolute travelling. Yes, I know, now I'm a student, so I dont have any opportunity to travel.

Temporarily removed aesthetic, pink, and sky image

10, Introvert or extrovert


birthday, funny, and quote image shy, text, and antisocial image

11, Pizza or Burger

Ohh, it's hard... So both 😄

Image removed aesthetic, beauty, and dress image

12, iPhone or Android


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

13, Instagram or Snapchat


actress, beautiful, and blonde image carpenter, sabrina, and snapchat image

14, Piercing or tattoo

I like piercings, but I like more the tattoos.

tattoo and moon image art, girl, and beautiful image

15, Pink or blue


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

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