Hi guys.

As an artist following many other artists, and being part of We❤It and Pinterest, I've seen a recurrent reason of art theft on the Internet : not giving proper credit to artists.

What is giving credit ? It is the fact of adressing to an audience the source of the piece of art you want to share on social medias. It's saying "Hey if you like this piece of art like I do, here's the artist that made it if you want to see more of their art!".
Now beware, some artist DO NOT WANT their art to be reposted.

The problem with websites like We❤It and Pinterest is that when you use their save button, the source isn't always shown. And when you download a pic and upload it back, you probably have forgotten where it came from. That results are images without any traces of their sources. That results in people getting interested in that artist's art style without being able to find their social media account. But more importantly it's actually encouraging art theft.
What is art theft ? It's the act of downloading a piece of art on a website, uploading it on an other and claiming you're the one who made it. This hurt an artist a lot, because some of these thieves have much larger audiences than the artist themselves, so the reposted art will get more attention and ultimately the thieve will get recognised for something they didn't do. I've seen a case where an artist who's had their art stolen was called out for art theft, even though they're the one who made the original piece, and all that because the reposter had more followers.
Not having a source also give these thieves the opportunity to say "Oh but there wasn't any source where I picked it up from". Some will even say that the source is the website they found the pic from. Or in an attempt to give credit some will say "Credit to the artist". Spoiler alert : that is not giving credit.

I do realise something : trying to find back the artist does make the process of sharing an art piece you love a bit harder, you'll have to make researches. Some artists make it easier by adding watermarks on their work that you can simply search in google to find them, like Hiba_tan:

art, artist, and asian image

But some don't, so how to find them ?
So here's a simple tip : open the image in a seperate tab, open Google picture in an other and slide the picture in the search tab. That should direct you to a google search page. You'll either get the artist account directly or you'll find pages that gave credit.
For exemple, here's a watercolour drawing you like and you want to find the artist :

art, cool, and drawing image

You slide the ficture into a google picture tab, and here's what you'll get :

Image by Golden Turquoise
Notice how the first links are pinterest, and not the artist's website

If you scroll down, you won't find the artist's social media either, but if you look closely to the picture's description you'll see the artist's name is stated because those website do give proper credits :

Image by Golden Turquoise

You now have found that the artist's name is Hieu, and that their artist name is Kelogsloops. If you search that you can even find their website.

Image by Golden Turquoise

This also work for pinterest pictures so Please now that you know how to search a picture's source, add the artist's name on the pic tags or even better in the description boxes. We❤It and Pinterest are the 2 main website that offer to share art on the internet, and unfortunately because almost all of these pics are not giving sources it became the best place to steal art. I've seen too many devastated artist because someone stole their artwork from here or Pinterest that I could not step back and wish something happen.
If you follow these steps, thank you so much because you're actually helping us, artists. Sharing art help us forging a bigger audience and getting more well-known, but without credit our art falls into anonymity and possible followers are lost.

(The header picture is from Humid_peach on Instagram, I've found the source of the pic using the technique I've written in this article)