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Today I’ll be talking about a project I want to start with a lovely friend of mine, Noha. Our project and tag is called #PluieDeSentiments which is French for a rainfall of feelings. Of course, all articles will be written in English.

Now, you might be wondering what this project is about. I’ll try to explain all the aspects of it clearly, but if you have any questions, you can always message me or Noha.

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With this project we would like to stimulate other hearters to write articles about feelings. Sometimes people are having a difficult time expressing what they feel, and then there’s honestly no better way than to write about it.

It can be about everything. Feelings in your current life, feelings you have towards certain music or movies, feelings you don’t know how to express, feelings you’re having while reading a new book or meeting someone new, sad or confusing feelings, and so on.

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Every article you write about feelings and add the hashtag #PluieDeSentiments to, will be added to my collection of the project.

♥ part one

Now, I’ll be giving you a list of topics and ideas you can write about, plus some example-articles.

1 | your feelings or your story

Personally, I know how hard it can be to express your feelings, so if you need an outlet, this project will be here to help you out.

2 | a poem or short story

Fiction or non-fiction, it doesn’t matter. Feelings can be expressed in many different ways, and we want to be open-minded to all of them. Use your creativity and make other hearters experience your world of feelings.

3 | your thoughts on a book or movie

You might have read an amazing book that really got to you emotionally? Or you might have saw a beautiful movie that really made you think about life? Let us know with the hashtag.

4 | a playlist

Music is honestly such a lifesaver. Let us know what you listen to when you’re sad, happy or confused. Of course, you can also make an article about certain lyrics you really enjoy.

5 | quotes

You can always share your favorite quotes about emotions in an article. Those inspirational little texts might be very useful to other hearters.

♥ part two

With all of this being told, I’d also like to talk about what Noha and I will be doing. Our project also includes our articles of course. A lot of them will be like the ideas I mentioned above, but there’s a part I haven’t yet talked about.

1 | our advice program

Sometimes feelings might be hard to understand, so we want to be open to all people who have questions about them. Or with other words, we want to start an advice program.

Every hearter can send us questions we’ll be answering in an article. Of course you can ask that your questions will be answered anonymously, and then we’ll not add your profile name to our article. Examples of topics you can ask us about are love, friendship troubles, coping with anger or sadness, making an important decision, and so on.

Two rules we want to be accepted by everyone are (1) to stay nice to others, even when you don’t agree with their opinion, and (2) to not share any negativity towards others.

2 | tips

Secondly, we’ll be making articles with tips. Topics as confidence, loving life and accepting yourself will be included.

3 | facts

Last but definitely not least, we’ll be writing some facts articles too. I study psychology at university, which might be a great help for this. These article-topics will be very well researched, and we hope these will interest you as much as we think they will.

4 | tags

Currently, Noha and I are already working on an idea, so it won't take long until you hear from us again! Tags are always fun, plus the more people, the more fun.

♥ summary

If you decide to participate in the first part of our project, adding the hashtag #PluieDeSentiments to your article(s) is enough for letting us know.

If you want the first advice article to happen, message us your questions and we’ll try to answer them as fast as we can in an article.

If you’re interested in being part of the total project, so also part two, send me or Noha a message. It’d be very cool if we could start a team for this project.

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Love, Paulien and Noha.

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