Hey hearters, so today I want to keep on with my study series.
Today I´m talking about some of my study tips for maths.

- Always listen to your teacher and don´t get distracted if he explains something
- Don´t be scared to ask questions if you don´t understand something
- Take good notes. write everything down that stands on the board and on the side write down things he says so you can understand it better
- Rewrite your notes at home. This will help you to understand the material better because you go through it again

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- Youtube is great for maths. There are a lot of really helpful videos that maybe explain the topic a little bit easier than your teacher.
- Don´t give up if you don´t understand something, just keep on trying to get it better
- Ask your friends for help. You can also help them in a subject that you´re good at.
- Always study! Almost every topic in maths you do has to do with a topic you did before, so don´t miss on any topic and always keep on studying.

So guys,this was my article about my maths study tips.
I hope that I could help you.
Have a great day!

xx Julia