Hola Hearters! Today I will share with you my Travel Bucket List, some places you may know and others that will surprise you.

1. Easter Island - Chile

chile, easter island, and paradise image Temporarily removed

2. Honolulu & Maui - Hawaii

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3. Santorini & Mykonos - Greece

Greece, mykonos, and aegean sea image beauty, blue, and clouds image

4. Copenhague - Dinamarc

copenhagen, snow, and københavn image copenhagen and christiania image

5. Oslo - Norway

Temporarily removed city, Dream, and europe image

6. Cartagena de Indias - Colombia

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7. Turks & Caicos - United Kingdom

ocean, summer, and turks and caicos islands image beach, summer, and sea image

8. Tulum - Mexico

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9. Palawan - Philippines

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10. Lugano - Switerland

Image removed agua, aves, and birds image

11. Maldives Island - Maldives

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12. Tel Aviv - Israel

relax and tel aviv beach image accessories, asia, and bazar image

13. Amsterdam - Netherlands

Temporarily removed amsterdam, city, and ciry image

14. English Bay - Chile

british columbia, canada, and flickr image ascension, bay, and beach image

15. Toronto & Vancouver - Canada

canada, january, and toronto image city, toronto, and lights image

16. Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

17. Mendoza - Argentina

argentina, mountains, and travel image adventure, andes, and argentina image

18. Montevideo - Uruguay

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

19. New Zealand - Australia

backpacking, beautiful, and blue water image Image removed

20. Melbourne - Australia

adventure, australia, and beach image Temporarily removed

21. Tokoriki Island & Taveuni Island - Fiji

summer, photography, and travel image beautiful taveuni image

Also I would like to take the chance to send all my love and BIG hugs to all the hearters that showed love with my previous articles, I really really get so excited with every notification and reaction you had with what I write, so THANK YOU ♥Love You ALL♥


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