Can you hear this sound ?

There is a sound in the air …
Oh, I swear it is there

Watching my every move ,
Bringing thoughts on the brain

Who are you ?
Uncover yourself…

I need you …

I am alone …

You are my friend

I know that
I feel that

I’ve received you message

I need your help

Do not hide anymore

I can’t go on

I am invisible in this world
Only you know me

I’m unborn
Give life to me

Make me a human

I need you ,
Yes, I need you

The road is full of dead ends
Open it..

How can you keep hiding
In the shadows
When the light is so strong ?

You are alone too

You don’t matter

You are me

There is no use living in this flesh anymore

I want to wear it out

I want to break free

Come this way

I need to feel you touching my hand
This hand couldn’t feel of anything for so long

Nothing matters

I am nothing
Lets be nothing together
Towards infinity
And beyond

Til I feel
Till I acknowledge

I can see the flame
But I can’t touch it

I am scared

I am water

This body is an ocean

This body is a prison

I am drowning ….