Hey guys!
I love making these kind of articles. Today I wanted to do aesthetics for different things found in nature. I might go #mythology aesthetics next!


Temporarily removed beach, concept, and gold image quotes, sun, and words image beach, fire, and france image


black, moon, and stars image art, fabric, and gif image


stars, text, and words image hair, stars, and gold image Image removed gif image

Forest and Flowers

aesthetic, alternative, and flowers image flowers, nature, and pink image dress, fashion, and flowers image aesthetic, flowery, and roses image

The Weather

rain, purple, and grunge image baby, cold, and outside image ocean, quotes, and together image winter, girl, and snow image

The Seasons

autumn, rain, and route image beautiful, cold, and mountains image Temporarily removed dress, luxury, and beach image

Natural Wonders

water and waterfall image cozy, fire, and fireplace image Image removed cold, ice, and mountain image


animal, beach, and girl image dolphin, summer, and ocean image Temporarily removed animals, Chicken, and cows image

That's all for now. Bye! :)