Hey people! I really feel like that half a month just went by like a cold breeze because I didn't even realize that it was already halfway until I looked at the calendar. That being said, a lot happened.

We're halfway through March, here's what happened.

  • I went out with my friends and we took a lot of pictures. And by we, I mean me, I was taking the most pictures. We also stumbled upon two big cats, they were really cute. (Linky dinky to my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ellethealien/?hl=en)
  • I played Dream Daddy again. The first time I played it was late February so I couldn't mention it but I played it again. (IT'S A WHOLESOME GAME ABOUT SINGLE DADS IT ISN'T SOMETHInG ELSE I PROMISE)
  • My classmates and I play Minecraft while our teachers weren't there, we just switch between Hide and Seek and our own world
  • I made a new friend who is a level before us and she plays Minecraft with us too
  • I added some new songs to my playlist called I Like the Way it Feels
  • The game that I played referenced Jimmy Buffett and his song Margaritaville a lot, I listened to it and now I sing it all the time
  • I also really like Lord Huron
  • The Greatest Showman Soundtrack is great too, my new friend and I reference the songs all the time and no one else gets it.
  • Final exams are less stressful when you're capable of spitting out intellectual gibberish on essays. I am very capable.
  • I find doing school projects fun. Let me explain. I like them because usually our projects have to be designed and perfected and I just love doing that, I love having something to put my ideas in, it's like a writing prompt but for drawing and designing.
  • This one is great. I chatted with an old friend of mine which i haven't talked to in two years. She reached out to me first and honestly, it was like we never stopped talking. It was like we never had that one misunderstanding. It was so nice.


Last month

Thank you for reading! Have a fun time!

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