i tryly believe, that my half heart is missing. and that half side, is in you.
i don't even understand this. and i don't want to understand.
because you make me feel like shitty ass person.
you make me lie to myself.
you make me somebody else.
you make me feel that i am not beautifull, that i am not skinny enough.
and maybe, that is the truth.

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You've never been the only one.

Only everytime you were the beginning of the sentence.

And the thoughts that I repeated when I was small

That I'm not the only one

He returned like a snow in the spring.

And I did not wait for it. And I did not want to wait.

But you have not left me another way apart from misscarry.

I could not speak a word, but at the same time I spoke a lot.

I could not show the feelings, but I had those more then the sea had water.

And yet I do not recognize you.

But your smile still look awesome when our eyes meet.

And it hurts me more than anything, but the only pain medicine was you.

every time, i catch your eye, or even mines catches your's you look so cold. your beautifull eyes made me feel like i am nothing but a slutty ass garbage.but if you make me feel like that, why i still think about you?
and why i still care that much about you.
the reason is, that i still like you. maybe i still even love you.
but you..

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/and maybe i'm holding onto nothing
maybe you forgot how i feel
maybe i should just let go of all this
give up on all the things i miss
and all the things you promised
i know i'd be better off, but i can't let it go

i can't let you go./

with love,*-*