My edit: name in colours


clouds, sky, and orange image love, kiss, and quotes image Temporarily removed design, interior, and orange image
A : Apricot
bts, suga, and yoongi image yellow, aesthetic, and art image lyric, quotes, and bts image rihanna, yellow, and riri image
M : Mustard
red, food, and raspberry image gucci, bag, and fashion image dress, red, and fashion image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
A : Alizarin
beige, aesthetic, and theme image aesthetic, coffee, and beige image aesthetic, coffee, and white image Image removed
N : Navajo White
Image removed bag, casual, and clothes image fashion, ulzzang, and ulzzang boys image fashion, style, and outfit image
D : Denim Blue
theme, light, and dark image Inspiring Image on We Heart It reading image city, light, and night image
A : Auburn

Hope you guys enjoyed this little creation xx