Hey everyone! I decided to do a bunch of WHI challenges then proceed to writing my own content to get out of my writing slump.

This challenge is called My Name in Cities by @martugnzlz, Go and give it a try!


Alright, let's start! I'll be using my nickname for this challenge.


I tried as much as possible to put cities that are not so common. I just wanted to explore the beauty and learn about different places for this one. I hope you guys like it!


city, mosque, and travel image egypt, pyramid, and cairo image
Located in the lower part of Egypt, northwest of Cairo. Damanhur was known in the ancient Egyptian language as The City of (the god) Horus.


beautiful, bello, and latin image peru, arequipa, and santa catalina image
The colonial-era capital of Peru’s Arequipa Region. Framed by 3 volcanoes, it's filled with baroque buildings constructed from sillar, a white volcanic stone. The location also has 17th-century neoclassical Basilica Cathedral, which houses a museum displaying religious objects and artwork.


architecture, landscape, and nature image india, taxis, and west bengal image
A city under Municipal administration located in the Nadia District in West Bengal, India. It is seated on the western bank of the Bhagirathi river. It was known to be a center of learning and philosophy in medieval India and is still noted for its traditional Sanskrit schools.


architecture, austria, and city image austria, innsbruck, and autriche image
Translates as "Inn Bridge". Located in Western Austria and is the fifth largest city city of the state. Located in the broad valley between high mountains, Innsbruck is an internationally renowned winter sports centre that hosted 3 winter olympics and 2 paralympics.

El Jadia

theme, pastel, and aesthetic image portuguese, water, and el jadida image
Located in the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Is describe to be an "outstanding example of the interchange of influences between European and Moroccan cultures" and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004.


Hope you guys liked it and learned something new!