My mom left me when I was three. But first she took me from my dad. My mom was sick and had health problems before I was born and they came back after I was. She decided to go back to Poland to her mom and she took me too. I will never forget the day and how she left me. Never. Here's how the day went....

It was a good morning. I woke up, got dressed, and came down for breakfast. My mom said she wasn't feeling well and three year old me thought she just had a headache and some aches. I didn't know that my life was about to change forever. She stared feeling worse throughout breakfast, so her mom (my grandma) took her upstairs. I followed right behind them, but once we got to the stairs, she turned around and told me to stay down. So I did. I watched as my grandma took my mom upstairs, holding her by the waist. I waited and waited and waited. Finally I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Once I saw feet, I looked up and was disappointed. I saw my grandma coming down, alone. I asked her where my mom was and she just shook her head and kept walking down. I ran upstairs and searched every room. I looked everywhere for her, I couldn't find her. She wasn't there. She was gone. I ran downstairs and asked my grandma where she was, She ignored me, she wouldn't even look at me. I went to bed questioning where she was and wondering when she'd come back. But she didn't. She left me with a complete stranger.

I later moved in with my dad's mom (my other grandma) and waited for my dad to come get me. Once I moved back home with my dad I haven't heard from or spoke to my mom until 3rd grade. I thought she was dead. I haven't seen her, spoken to her, or heard from her in 5 years. She finally reached out though and I was so happy. I cried every night for her. I missed her so much and she just know reached out. She wanted to see me that summer, and of course I said yes. I went to Poland to see her and stayed with her for two weeks We talked about each other and everything that happened when we weren't together. She lived in Bulgaria and was married. SHE WAS MARRIED. She had time to get married but she didn't have time to reach out to her own daughter. What kind of mother does that. No mother does.

After that summer, the next time I heard from her was 5 years later. I went to Poland for the entire summer to spend time with my family that lived there. She wanted to meet again and of course I said yes, again. I spent a week with her and I was pretty happy. She left her Bulgarian husband and wanted to move to America. I was really happy. I thought I was going to see her more often now. I wish I knew it wasn't going to be different.

I was a freshman in high school when I found my mom moved to Connecticut and the first time she came to see me was over spring break. But what I didn't know was she wasn't coming alone. The day she came, and rang my doorbell, I saw a man with her. Turns out she had enough time to find a boyfriend and not reach out to her daughter. Once again she showed how important I am to her. We spent a weekend together, all three of us and I was pretty disappointed. This was the third time I was seeing her in my life and we couldn't be alone. My dad talked to her about all the problems I had because of her and she still didn't feel any sympathy. I tried talking to her about why she left and why she never reached out to me. All she said was "things were going to be different now." I knew deep down they weren't.

We had little contact over the months and when we did speak I was always the one reaching out to her first. She would reply "Why haven't you called or messaged me". Are you kidding!? Your the one that left me without a word, your the one that was never there and your going to expect me to call you first? She still didn't understand what having a kid was really like. I saw her two more times after the time she came to see me during spring break. But the last time was really the last time.

It was summer of 2017, going into junior year of high school. I went to go stay with her for the summer, but I ended up staying for about a week. I wanted her to act like a mother, for her to try to actually love me and care about me. But I knew she didn't. Actually her boyfriend showed he cared about me more than she did, and that was the third time I was seeing him. He talked to me about how I felt and what I went through without my mom. And he talked about himself when he was younger and the problems he had. I gave my mom a second chance to act and be my mom, when she clearly didn't deserve it. And she totally blew it. She straight up did not give a living crap about me, and it took me so long to realize that, but I finally did. I took the next flight home and haven't spoken to her since and I will never speak to her again. I never want to see her again. She never loved me and I was stupid for thinking she would, but now I know better and because of her I am stronger. Thank you mother, for making me stronger, but I will always hate you.