hey honey♡,

so i sa many people did this challenge and i want to do it too! so in this challenge you hve to describe yourself in pictures.


beautiful, blue jeans, and Italian Girl image fashion, friends, and adidas image alternative, fit, and belt image yellow, girl, and style image


pink, aesthetic, and makeup image red, makeup, and aesthetic image aesthetic, flowers, and pink image cosmetics, pastel, and png image


yellow, tumblr, and aesthetic image Cocktails, drunk, and night image couple, love, and goals image clothes, fashion, and cooking image


food, yummy, and sushi image tea image coffee, drink, and food image food, burger, and delicious image


Image by Cori mean girls, funny, and africa image cara delevingne, valerian, and dane dehaan image art, me before you, and will traynor image


Image by Sofi Presti books, did, and miss you image book, beautiful disaster, and colton haynes image book, novel, and rainbow rowell image


cole sprouse, boy, and Hot image colton haynes, boy, and Hot image jared leto, young, and boy image boy, smile, and guy image