Hello Hearters! Today I decided to write my bucket list.
A bucket list is a list of everything that you want to be, do, have, and experience in life. Anyway, Let's get started.

1) Ride in a hot air balloon
2) Go to Disneyland
3) Be a bridesmaid
4) Take a shower under a waterfall
5) Look at the stars with a telescope

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6) Sleep with lots of pillow
7) Design my own cup
8) Take a relaxing bath
9) Wear a crown of flowers
10) Make new friends

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11) Play basketball
12) Drink Coffee at a café in paris
13) Get fit for summer
14) Eat macaroons
15) Go to Venise

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16) Hang dreamcatcher in my room
17) Have perfect teeth
18) Learn how to cook
19) Change the décor of your room
20) Be Famous

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21) Be around a campfire with friends
22) Write a book
23) See the statue of liberty
24) Fall asleep in a hammock
25) Travel by plane

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26) Sleep during a day
27) Walk on the great wall of china
28) Stay at a 5 star hotel
29) Be tanned
30) Own a great camera

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31) Spend a week without my phone
32) Go to concert
33) Find a new hobby
34) Have a pillow fight
35) Own cactuses

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36) Drink hot chocolate
37) Design my phone case
38) Make ice cream
39) Be organized
40) Have a photoshoot with my best friend

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41) Visit a pink sand beach
42) Have friends from all around the world
43) Have a fancy picnic
44) Own a mockingjay pin
45) Receive roses

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46) Go shopping every day for a week
47) Learn archery
48) Fall in love
49) Get married
50) Wear a beautiful wedding dress

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51) Have kids
52) Meet famous people
53) Spend less and save more
54) Spend good birthdays
55) Do a Color Run

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56) Attend color festival
57) Solve a Rubik’s Cube.
58) Learn to Play Chess.
59) Make cookies with the one I love
60) Learn to Knit

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61) Create Your Family Tree
62) Have a Romantic Dinner on a Rooftop
63) Go On a Road Trip with a Friend
64) Drink a $1000 Bottle of Champagne
65) Stop being shy and lazy

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66) Be Part of a Flashmob
67) Have Chocolate Fondue
68) Ride a Segway.
69) Run through the sprinklers
70) Have fun with a slip-n-slide

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71) Kiss in the rain
72) Prove everyone that has ever douted me wrong
73) Get a good job
74) Go to La Tomatina
75) Get a chance to be on Ellen

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76) Go skydiving
77) Go camping
78) Go to Brazilian Carnival
79) Swim in the World’s Largest Swimming Pool
80) Attend a masked ball

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81) Learn to play guitar
82) Learn French
83) Write a letter on Juliet's wall in Verona, Italy
84) See the northern lights
85) Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lends

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86) Take pictures with a polaroid camera
87) Have breakfast in bed
88) Have a movie marathon
89) Give people a reason to remember my name
90) Spend all day and night on the beach

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91) Have a huge water balloon fight
92) See a shooting star
93) Stop being so afraid and start living instead
94) Go to the top of the eiffel tower
95) Spend new year in times square

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96) Get in a taxi and yell "follow that car!"
97) Plan my best friend's wedding
98) Light a Lantern
99) Go to a drive-in movie
100) Eat a pizza in Italy

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101) Jump in a pool fully clothed
102) Learn how to do a cartwheel
103) Dye my hair
104) Send a message in a bottle
105) Built a blanket fort

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106) Throw someone a surprise party
107) Own a car
108) Ride in a Limo
109) Dance in the rain
110) Do everything on my bucket list

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