This is the 12th article of my 30 Days Writing Challenge and today I bring you a vision of my life in ten years.

lights image graz image austria, graz, and opera image austria, garden, and graz image
I live in Graz|Austria
keyboard, rainbow, and colors image keyboard, computer, and laptop image apple, fruit, and strawberry image super saiyan, rose, and goku black image
I graduated from college and I work at an it company.
house, home, and interior image bedroom, house, and home image amazing, beach, and building image room, white, and makeup image
After the torment known as life with roommates I finally live alone.
dog, puppy, and cute image dog and animal image cute image dog, puppy, and animal image
Not quite alone, because my german shepherd is still with me.
friends, friendship, and summer image <3, anything, and heart image friends, best friends, and bff image friends, beach, and girl image
My friends from Croatia and Serbia often visit me.
aesthetic, books, and coffee image pink, camera, and flowers image smile, people, and language image fall, autumn, and shoes image
My hobbies are still reading books, photography, learning languages and running.
boxing, workout, and body image pink, adidas, and sport image revista, pelea, and power gilr image aesthetic, boxing, and gloves image
I'm a member of a boxing club.
light, theatre, and photography image opera image beautiful, photography, and vintage image red, aesthetic, and chairs image
I'm also an amateur actress.
camaro, car, and yellow image camaro, cars, and vintage image camaro, muscle car, and ss image car, yellow, and chevrolet image
I drive my dream car: Camaro
we heart it, weheartit, and heart image we heart it, heart, and blue image weheartit image whi, we heart it, and article image
I'm still a member of WHI and I still write articles.

This is it guys. This is how I see myself in 10 years.

XOXO, Milena