If anything, by now, ya'll know I love all the colors.

The world is too beautiful and our time here too short, for us not to appreciate the intricate yet breathtakingly artistic complexities the earth has been designed with.

So with no further delay, let us delve into the various shades of this color:

  • Sky Blue
beautiful, blue, and photo image beautiful, blue, and nature image aesthetic, beach, and blue image Image removed
vibrant skies
  • Azure
fashion, girl, and outfit image aesthetic, ocean, and photography image
lowkey kinda days
  • Cerulean
blue, cerulean, and ocean image beach, blue, and cerulean image
absolutely majestic
  • Cyan
aesthetic, blue, and light image quotes, light, and explain image
just real & raw
  • Navy Blue
blue, aesthetic, and velvet image flowers, blue, and envelope image art, space, and moon image blue, theme, and navy blue image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
one of my favorites
  • Periwinkle
Temporarily removed pink, wall, and brick image blue, aesthetic, and locker image dream home, house, and periwinkle image
soft soft soft soft
  • Teal

Last but not least.

aesthetic, aqua, and teal image aesthetic and aqua image aesthetic, blue, and ocean image vintage, aesthetic, and alternative image
teal feels ; that rhymes by the way

Also guys, blue is a color said to stimulate release of calming hormones by the brain. Feeling calm in any way?

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- Nemo //