Hii my loves ♡

First of all, I just want to say a big thank you for the good reception of my last article, it means a lot for me.

¡ you are amazing !

In case you haven´t read it already and you wanna check it out I let you the link below.

Now it´s March what it means that is time for a new playlist.

So.... let´s get started.

✰*ೃ C l o s e t o y o u - R i h a n n a ✰*ೃ

aesthetic, girl, and sad image
Nothing but a tear, that´s all for breakfast, watching you pretend you´re unaffected.

✰*ೃ B a c k t o d e c e m b e r - T a y l o r S w i f t ✰*ೃ

aesthetic, gif, and sad image
And then the cold came, the dark days when fear crept into my mind, you gave me all your love and all I gave you was goodbye.

✰*ೃ W h o a r e y o u - F i f t h H a r m o n y ✰*ೃ

love, couple, and black and white image
When I´m lost and I´m scared? Who are you gonna be when there´s nobody there? Who are you today? ´Cause I´m still he same.

✰*ೃ A l i t t l e t o o m u c h - S h a w n M e n d e s ✰*ೃ

girl, grunge, and tumblr image
She would not show that she was afraid, but being and feeling alone was too much to face. Though everyone said that she was so strong, what they didn´t know is that she could barely carry on.

✰*ೃ S o r r y - H a l s e y ✰*ೃ

hands, couple, and aesthetic image
Sorry that I can´t believe that anybody ever really starts to fall in love with me.

✰*ೃ S t o n e c o l d - D e m i L o v a t o ✰*ೃ

girl, smoke, and cigarette image
You see me standing, but I´m dying on the floor. Stone cold, stone cold maybe if I don´t cry I don´t feel anymore.

✰*ೃ S h i n e - y e a r s & y e a r s ✰*ೃ

purple, neon, and light image
I´ll recover if you keep me alive, don´t leave me behind. Can you see me I´m shining and it´s you that I´ve been waiting to find.

✰*ೃ T h i n k i n g ´b o u t y o u - A r i a n a G r a n d e ✰*ೃ

quotes, grunge, and sad image
Where the hell are you when I need you? I could still hear your voice I ain´t got no choice, ´cause I´m here all alone.

✰*ೃ P r e t t y h u r t s - B e y o n c é ✰*ೃ

girl, mirror, and sad image
Perfection is the disease of a nation, pretty hurts. Shine the light on whatever´s worse. Tryna fix something, but you can´t fix what you can´t see.

✰*ೃ D r i v e - M i l e y C y r u s ✰*ೃ

burn, fire, and gif image
But I guess I got no valentine, send me roses I just let ´em die. I was crazy thinking you were mine it was all just a lie.

♡♡♡ Hope you like it ♡♡♡