Hey people! It has been a while since I last published an article but here I am again. Summer vacation in creeping up on me, an no, I'm not early. I live in the Philippines and our vacation months are April and May. That's quite a lot of time, time that I definitely don't want to waste doing nothing.

Here are the things that I want to do!

Make more art

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I love drawing but I really don't do it often. I do believe that this summer shall experiment more with my creativity, maybe even using paint. I've never painted before. But for sure, I will express my emotions through whatever piece I make.

Use less plastic

This doesn't mean giving up plastic completely, as much as I want to do that, I think I do need to dip my toe in the cold waters first. I'll make an effort to refuse plastic bags when shopping and using eco bags. I also will continue using my reusable water bottles, I was raised using them anyway and I was quite stunned when I learned that not everyone does the same.

Keep my skin clear

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Does it make sense for me to put these photos here? idk

I have so much trouble with this honestly. I don't even know what to say to you right now.

Write more

Recently, I've been writing about some topics that I really enjoy. Like, video games that I've played, a movie that I've watched, short stories, and even prose portraits about my friends and just random people. I love talking eloquently. I just do.


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I already do this a lot but summer is a time where stress doesn't exist for me so it's a perfect time to slip into another world ...and get attached to every single person in that not-world.


Thank you so much for reading this! Also, I just wanted to say that you are free to message me some suggestions for articles that I could potentially write or maybe something that you want to get my opinion on.

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