I wake up at 6am every morning and the first thing that i do is drink some water and stretch. Then i do my bed and eat my breakfast for 10minutes(yogurt,banana,rice slabs and COFFEE). At 6.15 i take my shower, i dress and i put some makeup (mascara,concealer and that's it !). I leave my house at 6.50 and i take my bus at 7.15, it takes me 25 minutes.

SCHOOL : 8am-12am courses
1pm-4 or 5pm courses + homework

At 5.20 i take my bus to go back home (sometimes i do my homework in the bus if i can't do them before). I come home at 6pm. From 6 to 6.15pm i relax and eat snacks.


When i come home i'm having dinner with family for 20/30 minutes. Then i go in my room and watch youtube videos, watch netflix, read, talk to friends,... And i fall asleep around 9.30pm, GOODNIGHT !