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I've been seeing the "My name in cities" challenge going around and I had the pleasure to try it out a few days ago, and it was seriously so fun to make! So I decided to give it a twist and do "My name in flowers" challenge!

So let's get started!

ห—หห‹ BEL หŽหŠห—


aesthetic, buttercup, and flowers image Image removed yellow, lemon, and aesthetic image yellow, aesthetic, and bike image


flower, pink, and echinacea image bag and shoes image aesthetic, eye, and makeup image pink, purple, and theme image


beauty, flower, and purple image Image removed purple, tumblr, and grunge image pretty, pastel+purple+pale, and highway+dark+ulzzang+sky image

My name is too short!! haha But I still like all the colors and beautiful flowers that made it into this article!

I tag


and everyone else that reads this article and wants to try it!

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( bel )
( bel )

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