Welcome Back Everyone,

I have decided that as part of my WHI, I will have some articles titled “Food for Thought Part #” where I will just discuss a thought that has crossed my mind. I hope these segments will inspire, motivate, and empower you!

For today’s food for thought post, I would like to discuss how many of us are scared to start something because we are afraid of not doing well in that activity. I understand that it can be terrifying at first, especially if you are doing something alone, BUT, you have to realize that many people did not become good or even experts at things from the start. The reality of it is, you may not be good at something from the beginning, but with continued practice and determination, you will get better. The reason you started was to learn NOT to know something from the beginning. So enjoy the learning process and take pride in your growth as you continue to practice a certain activity!

I hope this post motivates you to stop letting fear get in the way!

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With love and happiness,
Kat 💜