Recently i write an article expressing how i feel about my life and spreading positivism against the difficulties and today's article is also personal.I am going to write about my mom and dad ,and who i am today

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I don't remember having a lunch with the two of them cause they split when i was a child maybe one year or more, maybe less.
my mom run away from my granny's house when i was six years old , my sister had twelve
my granny and my dad tell me that happen for a fight , who involved me.A little six old kid that don't want to do her homework , the story tell that my mom tried to hit me and i started to cry , my mom doesn't hit me ,but she hit my granny .Maybe you are wonder why you call a woman who did that "mom", well my granny teach me to respect people even if they don't deserve it.So , going on with the story she left and she didn't come back till one year apart , she was expecting a new baby.
Now let's talk about my dad, he was incredible but when i was 8 , he started a new family and practically he forgot about us
I had nine when my new half sister was born , my sister had fourteen and we don't have parents to look and care for us.What do 2 kids with no parents and a grandmother? Well one become the black sheep or maybe the pink one cause she started to diy her hair, the other one , the little one become more and more quiet and serious.

So let's talk about the present.
I'm gone mad when people say that i need more personality , that's who i am and nobody can change me , cause the decision the other people make , that was affect me when i was a child and they dont understand how hard for me is to talk to people ,to trust.
Sometimes i wonder , maybe if my parents wasn't crap, and they never had left , who i would be, would i be more happy? More happy than i am now? I dont think so, cause i dont have them, but i have my granny,my big sis, my aunts(they are amazing btw) , my uncles and my cousins.
So mom and dad you can enjoy all you want your separately families but you never have us.
We are f ing amazing cause we support each other and i learn a very important and intelligence quote from Lilo and Stitch who say "This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It's little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good."
then if you have family issues like mine or if your parents have a rough time just remember that if they really care about you, they never would be left you behind, just like my granny did with my sister and I

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Thank you for read and thanks to all the beautiful people who send me messages.
Love you with all my heart , Val.