Well Hi! My name is Karly, I'm 18 years old and here are 21 things about me:

1.- My first language is Spanish, but I’m learning English and French, so I’m sorry if you see any mistake (I’m doing my best) :D

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2. I’m a Economics student. I really enjoy my career, because I consider myself as a very critical person. Ceteris Paribus!

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3.- I really like Italian food. I wish I could eat italian every day of my life.

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4.- I love to read. It is not only a hobbie, is kind of my passion. I do not have a favorite book, I just can’t choose.

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5.- My favorite actress is Anne Hathaway and my favorite actor is Tom Hanks.

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6.- I’m so into sports. I mean watching, not practicing. My favorite basketball team is Golden State Warriors and my favorite baseball team is Dodgers. BTW Curry is the best :P

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7.- My two favorite series are Gilmore Girls and Friends.

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8.- Traveling is one of my passions. I’m planning trips all the time.

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9.- I’m obsessed with coffee. We’re soulmates.

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10.- I love Harry Potter, as I’m a such a nerd (an according to the Sorting Hat) I am a Ravenclaw.

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11.- I’m a Christian. I live for God, he’s without doubt my absolutely everything.

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12.- I love rainy and cloudy days.

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13.- My favorite time of the year is Christmas! Cold days with a cup of coffee and the family around is the best!

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14.- I consider myself as a Disneynerd. My three favorite movies are The beauty and the beast, Mulan and Hercules.

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15.- As I said before, I love sports and one of my favorite is Figure Skating. I love the Shibsibs, if you don’t know them let me tell you they’re the best ice dancing pair.

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16.- My favorite place in the world is…. California!

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17.- I grew up watching criminal and forensic tv shows/series. So I’m kind of paranoiac, but I enjoyed them a lot.

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18.- One of the things I enjoy the most are musicals, and my favorite is Hamilton.

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19.- For the last five years I’ve been following the Shadowhunter world, the books are spectacular.

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20.- I collect cups.

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21.- I honestly love black and white photos.

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