I don't really know what it was about him. Maybe it was how caring he was or the fact that he made me seem like the prettiest girl in the world. Maybe the fact that we vibe like no body else. The chemistry we had.What ever the case was..I fell hard for him. I LOVED HIM like i never loved anyone before.The sad thing is i couldn't tell him that....so i cry myself to sleep every night hoping and praying that when i wake up there will be a text from him saying 'Lets work on it or I love you and I was wrong to let you go."
i never really believed in fairy tales but for some reason for just a second he made me believe they were real. He fooled me. I can't let go of him and thats what sucks because i want us to work out so badly...I love him. He has my heart. I cant even look at our old pictures with out crying... i wish he could tell me how easy it is to move on. Because i cant...And at the end of the day I realize there are no happy endings.

(Signed: another broken-heart)