Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

.1 Spiders. I used to scream whenever I turned a corner and saw a spider in front of me. That is, before my voice changed and I could no longer scream that high. Nowadays, I'm not that scared of them anymore but they can make me uncomfortable when they're in my room. Why? I just don't like the thought of them being on my things which could lead to them being on me.

What's weird is that baby spiders freak me out the most. Maybe because they are so tiny you can be totally unaware they are on you or where they might fly off to when you try to kill them (yes, I'm sorry I kill them). Or maybe it's because my aunt broke apart a spider egg sac when I was really young and I still remember vividly all the baby spiders flying out into the air. Into the air. Everywhere. Yeah, maybe it's the latter.

However, I am pretty comfortable seeing them outside. I leave them alone when they're in my garden. I also refrain myself from killing most of them inside the house and even try to trap them and set them free. And yes, that does involve getting very close to them first and risking them running away or running onto me. So in some ways, I'm conquering my fear you can say. (Aha, so brave!)


.2 Ghosts. I used to sleep in my parents' room because I swear I saw a shadow of a ghost in my room when I said two words that were rumoured to summon a certain queen. I don't know why I said it but I think I was trying to prove that it was not true and I tried to conquer my fear. I actually do believe in ghosts somewhat because members of my family have seen them (and members of the family don't lie.. right?). My mom says she actually suspects that I saw one when I was little and when we were living in our old (ghostly) house. Sometimes I think it's pretty cool to hear these stories. My curiosity and intrigue rivals my fear for wondering if it's actually true. I think that's why I'm curious to watch some horror movies but can't stand being alone afterwards. That's why I don't watch them anymore. Better sleep is more worthwhile.

I ended up studying the queen for a project of mine and it wasn't so bad. I guess it came full circle. What I'm trying to say is that it's not really a fear of mine anymore but it used to be and it can be again in the future.

.3 Driving. It legitimately gives me anxiety and I don't even know why. Well, I thought about it and it may be because people can get so mad on the roads. They get pissed over small things or they're unforgiving with mistakes. I swear it brings out the worst in people. I'm learning right now. It's taking me a very long time because I'm not motivated at all and since two years ago, started to have anxiety. Since I was young, I've been afraid of getting in trouble and would be uncomfortable when people outside my family gave out to me. Honestly, I've been in near tears. It's not nice and I don't like it when they see me weak and sensitive. But I keep repeating to myself, I need to drive. That's the only way I'll get over this fear.

God sent me two lovely people who told me they were really scared too. I know many people say this but they were sharing as part of a lesson to let our students know, it's okay to be scared. It's okay to make mistakes. What inspired me and gave me courage was when one of them shared how much God had helped her. Sometimes, I forget that He is there in such trivial times as these. I need to be reliant on God and trust whatever will be will be.

Now, that's my three.

To be honest, I actually have one more fear. One legitimate fear and I'm not even kidding. But I feel like keeping this one to myself. Yes... Maybe I'm a little too scared to confess it and validate my fear but hey, I can have a little privacy, can't I?

What I need to remember is that God didn't give me these fears. I can give Him these feelings and receive Him as Guardian instead. He is always with me and will answer my prayers.

Yes, I must remember that.

I hope you will too.

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Now, because we all need a little pick me up after those fears (or maybe just me), here's a cute little comic for you all.