Hey friends!

Today I want to bring a new popular article lately in WHI, ''My name in cities''
I think this is super funny and you get to know places that maybe you've never heard before.

So let's get started!

C: California

beach, nature, and sunset image sky image
I love the palm trees!

O: Oxford

adventure, street, and amazing image london and travel image
Damn, so beautiful!!

N: New York

city, new york, and nyc image adventure, architecture, and vacation image

S: Santiago

color, colour, and fotografia image chile, santiago, and suramérica image
The beautiful capital of my country.

T: Toronto

city, photography, and sunset image city, lights, and building image

A: Amsterdam

amsterdam, city, and travel image amsterdam, city, and house image

N: Nashville

nashville, tennessee, and travel image amazing, city, and grunge image

Z: Zadar

amazing, beautiful, and sunset image beautiful, trip, and cities image

A: Almeria

almeria, paisaje, and photography image beach, reef, and spain image
So beautiful!
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Kisses, Constanza.