Maybe you are happy, excited, anxious, nervous....and a lot of things more, but let me tell you this: It is totally worth it!
I have learned a lot and i am not only talking about the subjects, i am talking about life.

University made me realize:

*In this world there are friendships that last forever

*The teachers can be as cool as the ones you had in high school...or worse.

*Parties are great but not all in life is alcohol. You can have fun without it.

*You are independent and can make your own choices.

*Probably the person you hate in the first semester ends up been you BFF.

*The popular guy is no longer that important. At this time you start searching for something real with value.

*You accept your body and your person as it is (i mean beautiful)

*Your opinion is important.

*Be confident. Confidence is the key, for anything.

*Love what you study because after you finish school i can tell you that you are gonna be wishing go back to uni.

This are just a few but i have a lot more and a lot of tips.

If you guys want to know something about Uni feel free to ask me. I am always glad of answering your questions.