hihihi everybody! - omg i suck for introductions on articles but we are going to do it anyways. today, as a new article, i am going to write about positivism which is very important nowdays.

to start, i don't consider myself as an expert in this topic because uhm i am not but here is the reason why i though of doing this:

we all have our moments where we are like really sad and upset with the world and trust me, that's alright we are humans but i had a moment in my life where i though that everything that i was doing was wrong, like even before doing it i "knew" that it was going to be wrong and i was going to failed and all that stuff. also i though i was a bad luck person for something that happened to me at 2016 - something personal so i am not going to tell you about sorry - and a the end of that year i knew that i was lucky that that personal situation was over. since 2017 i am trying to be the best version of myself, of course that i've had my ups and downs but now i know how to not stay down and don't get affect by something. so here are some little tips that had helped me a lot.

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stop compering yourself and problems with other's people. trust me, i did that a lot. for example, i am sure you all know this amazing girl named kaia gerber. she is a model and she is 16 - just as me - and she is so pretty so i was like "why am i not pretty as her? why is she rich and i am not? why is she thin?" like… JUST STOP. that's not going to help you at all. you are just hurting yourself, if she is rich BE HAPPY FOR HER, if she is pretty BE HAPPY FOR HER. now i think about what i used to say and i am like "no valeria, just don't" because i learnt that. so… stop and before you start thinking those thoughts just breath and ignore them. i know it's hard, trust me I KNOW but try.
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i know we are used to have bad thoughts all the time when something is happening. this is an example: you are walking at 6 am on a street, there is no one else but you. suddenly, you hear somebody running behind you. what is your first thought? "i'm done. he/she is going to kill me. or is going to rob me". most of you think that and it's normal but why don't you change that thought? let's continue, the person passes you and she was a lady who was running because she exercises everyday at 6 am. see? you all should try to not think about bad things and more good things. that helps a lot trust me.
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at every bad situation that you are dealing with, try to see the bright side. for example, you had a b- at your exam. try to think "at least i didn't fail" or "next time i will study harder" but don't stuck at "i am the worst" "my mom is going to kill me".
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say complements. if you see your mom tell her "you look pretty today" or if you see your bff tell him or her something to make their day the best posible. and don't do it just because you want them to complement you, do it because you can and you want to make them happy too. happiness is reflected by that and everyone wants to be with a positive person, believe me.
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i think this is it. see? there aren't too many steps to be happy. and are easy ones, the hard part it's to use them but i know that you can make it :)
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