i've seen many articles giving study tips, but i haven't seen many on the topic of what not to do when studying, so here it is!

1: highlighting everything

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when studying, highlighting key points is useful, but never highlight everything. if you do, nothing will stand out.

what to do instead...

only highlight relevant points or terms and use different colours.

2: reading over and over again

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reading a chapter repeatedly in order to remember it's contents isn't a great idea - you need to understand the content to be able to retire.

what to do instead...

research unknown terms et cetera to know what the text is trying to explain so you understand the text.

3: procrastinate

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when studying, the worst thing you could do is procrastinate, as you're wasting precious time you have leading up to the test/exam.

what to do instead...

use apps like Forest (not sponsored) to remain on task and avoid distractions on your phone.

4: listen to music

listening to your favourite music will only be a distraction for your work and your attention will be on the music.

what to do instead...

listen to ambient sounds like rain, white noise or classical/lo-fi music - anything quiet, slow and without words will help.

5: not give yourself a break

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studying a lot can be good to remember your material, but never study and stay up to the point you can't think properly, get headaches and are just exhausted.

what to do instead...

give yourself breaks and get some sleep when you need it. the last thing you want on the big day is to be sleep deprived and unable to focus.

i hope you enjoyed this article or found it useful! i've also restarted my studygram, so go follow it! (https://instagram.com/mangstudy)

- miu