I ended our relationship three weeks ago. In that moment i looked at you death in the eyes and didnt feel a single thing, i was sure i was doing the right thing. Our relationship had been deteriorating and the feelings werent there anymore.
Three weeks had past and yesterday you asked me out, we hung out after classes just for a little while. I wasnt very convince with the idea even when i knew i had said to you that we could stay friends.I must admit i was afraid of seeing you and have those feelings that i was avoiding, feelings that would make me regret my decision.
It didnt happen.
That day you asked me if there was a chance of you and me coming back together in the future.I doubted it in the moment and when i got home, i put feelings and emotions in their place. Once again i was sure about my decision.
Finally i saw you again today. You wanted my answer to the other day question and it was simple " we can stay friends". Your reaction was like expected sad...but then you asked one more question which really i was not expecting..."Can i kiss you one last time?"
Immediatly i said no. You asked why and i didnt answered.
At the end of the day i feel like a fool because i ended up kissing you. And that kiss brings back to me all the things that i had put apart. I started feeling all the things burried deep beneath my skin...and i hate it.
Last kisses arent good. This one just made me regret my firmly taken decision because now....
i want you back.