Day 1/ Introduce yourself.

I don't really know how to start this I haven't done this in a really long time but, oh, Hey, how rude I am, I didn't even say Hi.
Well, Hi, you can call me C, yes, like the letter,... or anytime. HAhahah, I know, soooo funny. Okay, I'll stop this.

My name is to complicated for most people to remember so just call me C, and I'm here to help you in whatever you need. For real. I'm one of those few persons out there that when I offer my help I really offer it because I want to help and not because of compromise or because I want to be polite.

Physically, I'm around 1.67 m, that's like 5.5 ft I think.I'm fit but thick. I'm also brunette, with brown eyes and a really innocent face. Or at least that's what people say.

Mentally I would say that I'm like any other teenager. Rebel, trying to make a difference in the world. But I must say that, in general, I'm more mature than other people from my age, maybe because of the fact that I don't live with my parents, at least for the moment.
Okay, let me explain that last part cause I know it might sound a little weird because I'm not 18 yet. So, I'm from Spain but this last year, for six months I've been living in the U.S and that has actually shaped my life and the way I see my life. During this six months (I still have 3 more months to go back home) I've been living with a host family and not my parents. In fact, I haven't seen my parents at all anywhere else than my computer screen.
Moving from city, country, language, friends and even family really gets character out of anyone. But it's okay, because right now, after six months I can say that this is my home too.

I'm responsible, intelligent even though sometimes I can be kind of an airhead, really positive and energetic. I'm friendly, really outgoing and warm.

I love music. I've been playing the guitar for around 9 years now and totally love it. I also enjoy singing even though I'm not that good.
I love learning new things, I don't care about what. I love reading and drawing, sometimes even writing. I also love sports, but I'm not a great athlete and
I ToTaLlY LoVe SnOw!!!!!! I freak out like a 5 year old kiddo everytime I see snow. That's because where I'm from we don't get much snow (and by that I don't mean Spain, but just the city that I'm from, because yes, in Spain snows).

I hate fake people, or selfish, or interested people (when someone looks like is interested in you but it's just because he/she wants something out of it kinda people). If you don't have any of those characteristics and are nice we're most likely get along :).

And this is everything for today.
You know, be nice, stay in skool and party a lot.

Take care//