Who's gonna write to distract them from the horrors of life? Me! I'm trying the 30 song challenge, so here we go.

A Song With A Colour In The Title

cool, song, and lorde image
Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde (The Hunger Games soundtrack)

A Song With Numbers In The Title

Image by cadderlyy
89 by Dasiaa

A Song That Reminds You Of Summer

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Wasted Time by Keith Urban

A Song That Reminds You Of Someone You Want To Forget

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Chloraseptic by Eminem (ft. Phresher)

A Song That Has To Be Played Loud

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Way I Are (Dance With Somebody) by Bebe Rexha (ft. Lil Wayne)

A Song That Makes You Wanna Dance

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Make Me Feel by Janelle Monae

A Song To Drive To

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Sunday Candy by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment (ft. Chance the Rapper)

A Song About Drugs Or Alcohol

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Candy Paint by Post Malone

A Song That Makes You Happy

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Straightjacket by QuinnXCII

A Song That Makes You Sad

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Instead by Ryan Amador

A Song You Never Get Tired Of Hearing

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Knock Knock by Mac Miller

A Song From Your Preteen Years

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Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston

A Song From The 70's

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Killing Me Softly With His Song by Roberta Flack

A Song You'd Play At Your Wedding

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Perfect by Ed Sheeran (ft. Beyonce)

A Song That's A Cover

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Man In The Mirror by Keke Palmer

A Classical Song

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The Nutcracker Suite Op. 71a by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

A Song You'd Do A Karaoke Duet To

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Picture by Kid Rock (ft. Sheryl Crow)

A Song From The Year You Were Born

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Without Me by Eminem

A Song That Makes You Think About Life

Drake and drizzy drake image
Fake Friends by Drake

A Song With Multiple Meanings

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Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly (ft. Camila Cabello)

A Song With Someones Name

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Caroline by Anime

A Song That Moves You Forward

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OG Bobby Johnson by OG Bobby Johnson

A Song Everyone Should Listen To

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Bright by Kehlani

A Song By A Band You Wish Never Broke Up

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Illegal Alien by Genesis

A Song By An Artist Who's Dead

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Kiss by Prince

A Song That Makes You Want To Fall In Love

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Teenager In Love by Madison Beer

A Song That Breaks Your Heart

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All I Ask by Adele

A Song By An Artist Who's Voice You Love

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Say No To This by Jasmine Cephas Jones (Hamilton soundtrack)

A Song That Reminds You Of Your Childhood

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7 Things I Hate About You by Miley Cyrus

A Song That Reminds You Of Yourself

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She Used To Be Mine by Sara Bareilles (Waitress soundtrack)

Wow, sorry that was so long. I hope you guys would take a look at some of these songs, cause these are all truly fabulous songs. I might post an official playlist a different time, but lets leave that for now. And yes, I do love and worship Eminem.