Maybe I’m a little crazy about that, about the fact that I’m not perfect. I know that and it’s okay for me, I finally understood that it’s fine to be imperfect and not be hot and beautiful like other girls. Some days it’s easier than others, but it’s okay.

But for you… for you I don’t know if I’m enough beautiful, enough smart, enough funny… enough for you, it’s something stupid think in things like that and I do it anyway.

I’m not like other girls you know, I don’t take pictures of my body. I don’t like parties and alcohol. I prefer to watch videos about paranormal activities and read poetry. And you know that.

I know how you are and I know that you aren’t looking for a girl that hangs out every day and gets drunk. But you are surrounded by girls like that… and you like their pictures, and you chat with them, they are your friends.

And suddenly this girl appears, and she has the same tastes as you, like that rock music and all those bands has the same thoughts about the university as you… she is so much like you.

Maybe you like each other.

I don’t dare to ask you.


the question is:

Am I still enough for you?

Because I’m fine with who I am. I’m fine with the way I am.

The question is:

After four years of relationship…

It’s fine for you?


you don’t do it for me anymore...

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