This isn't in any particular order.

1. Stranger Things/ST Cast
Their talented, adorable and funny how could they not make someone happy

stranger things, finn wolfhard, and gaten matarazzo image stranger things, charlie heaton, and finn wolfhard image stranger things image stranger things, finn wolfhard, and charlie heaton image

2. Dogs
Sometimes when I've been having a bad day or feel more depressed than usually just looking at a picture or video of a dog can make me happy.

animal, dog, and cute image dog, cute, and funny image aesthetic, beige, and cuties image dog and shepherd image

3. 5 Seconds Of Summer
I've loved 5sos so much. I've been a fan since 2013 and seeing all they have accomplished makes me so proud. They make me incredibly happy for so many reasons I can't even began to explain because it would take way too long.

Image removed inspirational, milan, and music image Image removed 5sos, ashton irwin, and smile image

4. Youtubers
I watch a lot of youtubers, I subscribe to over 300 channels..yep. Anyways there are a few that can always make me happy and I will re-watch their videos
hundreds of times.

shane dawson, youtube, and ️youtubers image amazingphil and dan and phil image sam golbach, solby, and tfil image alex ernst and david dobrik image

5. Sleeping
I don't know I couldn't think of anything else.