Inspiration is a word that is common and well known. Sometimes we try inspiring others, and other times we don't even know we've inspired someone! Inspiring others can cause them to make new things, do knew things, see knew things, or try new things. It can actually change the world!

Inspire someone
Please, sometime this week I want you to go out and inspire someone. Take something you love and really put it out there and give others the want to do it. As I mentioned in a previous article, I love doing gymnastics. So now with my gymnastics I post about it on social media and hope to get others to do it! Who knows, maybe someone will start because of me and become the next world champion gymnast. Wouldn't that feel amazing?

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Thank those who've inspired you
If you know of someone who inspired you to do something, let them know! It's a great feeling knowing and they would love hearing it from you. Is it a celebrity maybe who you can't reach? Send them fan mail, or send them something if possible. Hey, maybe they won't see it for awhile, but it still means something.

Now I've hoped I've inspired you ;) so again
please, get out there and inspire others!

- Olivia