Hey Hearters,

Yesterday, Wednesday 14, 2018 (I got 1000 followers)

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I can't even breath right now I'm incredibly shocked. I woke up this morning to 1000 followers can't even express my feelings. If this wasn't for every one of you to click the follow button this would never have happen. So THANK YOU SO MUCH. Can't believe were a big family and still growing ! This means to the world to me that will only encourage me to do even more. Meeting my goal without you could have never been ever possible. I love EACH and EVERY ONE OF YOU !

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I WANTED TO THANK YOU GUYS FOR THE SUPPORT that you guys have given me it's been insane. From the day I started and from this day on. From the bottom of my heart I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH ! In my opinion It isn't about the number followers I have it's about how many people I INSPIRE. I WILL ALWAYS TRY TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITIES. I will do my best to post daily or heart pictures and even write more articles for you guys !

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It's not about the amount of followers I have but the amount of people I inspire. To be honest I just got lost in something that I love !

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THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ MY ARTICLE ! Please don't hesitate to give personal feedback, compliments or even ideas for another article. I will do my best to make it happen, if possible ...

By: Iman Akram