_Night time is my favourite time of the day because I get to relax from my busy & stressful day from school; however, i've noticed how fast time goes by at night (compared to day times that just drags ooonn), that sometimes I don't get to do everything I need / wanted to do. This is why I created & followed a night time routine that I can follow so that i utilise my time properly.

If you wanna know what my night time routine is, then keep on reading :)

5:30 pm - 7:24 pm :

I start making dinner

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After I finish taking my afternoon nap - usually at 3 - 4 pm, I start making dinner at 5 pm; my favourite meal to make is usually pasta bake and salad or macaroni and mince. I literally force myself to make a proper meal every night cause sometimes my laziness gets the best of me and I just settle for something quick and easy like bread & juice or sometimes I just order some fast food- which I try my best to avoid eating all the time cause I know its important to have a healthy balanced diet.

7:26 pm - 8:18 pm:

Dinner time

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I usually eat my diner while watching vlogs or makeup tutorials cause I know this will be the only free time I will have to entertain myself, cause once I'm done eating dinner, I have to start being productive and getting on with my assignments or revision.

8:30 pm - 8:55 pm:

Quick Skincare

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I first brush my teeth and then I move on to my face. I take off my makeup with my favourite neutrogena makeup remover wipes and then I use a spin brush to deeply cleanse my face - to make sure that all my makeup is taken off.

The last thing I do is use my L'oreal pure clay detox mask to deeply cleanse my pores and to get rid of impurities on my face like oil, dirt, e.t.c. Once I clean off the clay mask, my face feels nice and smooth and my face looks soo radiant.

8:55 pm - 9:34 pm

Bath time

(disclaimer: i don't stay in a dorm or any other student accomodation cause the uni i go to is close to my house - if i was staying in a dorm then I'd only take showers (cause i'm sure we all know public bathtubs are nasty) - but since i'm at home, i take baths...i'm just putting that out there lol)

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Once my face is nice and clean, I take a nice warm bath and I just sit in my bathtub for a while and reflect on my day. I always feel super relaxed & refreshed once i'm done.

9:51 pm - 11:07 pm:

Study time

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I get on with my assignments or revision and I make sure that I at least take 5 minute breaks in between, or else I'll feel overworked.

11:07 pm - 11: 47 pm:

Chill time

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I like to go through my instagram timeline and twitter timeline before I go to bed, just to cool my brain from all the work I did. I love finding memes - especially on twitter cause I like to have a smile on my face before I go to sleep and just love to end my night on a positive note.

11: 48 pm:

Bed time

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By this time I'm usually sleepy and I decide to go to sleep. Sometimes I sleep even later - which I know isn't good, especially on a school night but I just can't help it sometimes..lol.

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