These are gonna baes on my friends and their zodiacs too. Hope you like it. If you want send me a DM telling me if these where accurate or totally opposite to your friends. The explanation will be below the aesthetics


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Artsy as f*ck. Kinda insecure, but also divas. Clean and perfectionist, but there backpack is a mess. Love music and probably play an instrument or sing. Always wearing headphones. Either REALLY photogenic or good photographers. Zodiac: VIRGO, Piscis, Sagittarious


bikini, fashion, and march image aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image Temporarily removed aesthetic, fashion, and gucci image orange, waves, and chaos image aesthetic, bow, and box image
Kinda annoying but also really lovely. Cares for you. Likes / Has expensive stuff. Passive-Aggressive. takes everything in but when they are done they are done. Double opinion. Will do everything to make you feel supported or make themselves part of the group. Zodiac: LIBRA, Aries, Taurus


aesthetic, beach, and blue image beach, ocean, and travel image abstract, aesthetic, and blue image girl, blue, and neon image art, beach, and beautiful image quotes, smarter, and trust image
Philosophical af, love water. Scary when mad. A traveler. Feels too much. Loyal. Name a thing and they are probably are good at it. Either really good or terrible grade. 50% dead inside. Find them in the dancefloor. Zodiac: CANCER, Geminis, Aquarius


travel, nature, and green image art, green, and paint image green, plants, and nature image green, harry potter, and quotes image Image removed bag, fashion, and luxury image
Really sweet but have a dirty dirty side. Share their food with you. can spend hours talking about anything. Probably like gucci and supreme (really expensive brands). Hikes hikes hikes or video games. Zodiac: Scorpio, Capricorn, Leo

Well that is it for today guys. If you like these kind of articles let me know so i can make more.

Daniela Perez
Daniela Perez
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