Lengths in friendships vary. It is almost impossible to identify, or pin point, just how long we have with those in our lives, and how long we will be mutually significant to each other. Upsetting, but realistically, not everyone who makes themselves known in our lives is guaranteed to remain.

Sometimes, cutting ties is the best case scenario. It is nothing to be wildly upset about.

Sure, it is disappointing when we lose a person from our lives. It is almost a dramatic exit, and a drastic change, when there is one less person to share your successes and failures with. The world seems different when a friend is lost, especially when that friend is one that had wholly been by your side for a period of time. We need to learn that loss is not always a negative occurrence. Losing people can save us from losing things that are far more valuable.

Imagine you have a friend who you do not share many common interests with. You feel stupid when you tell them things you adore, and the things you also could care less about. The feeling of embarrassment towards something of significance to you, when expressing these feelings to someone whom is your friend, should not be one of the things you feel when you are expressing these personal opinions.

The benefits of losing a friend are widely spread. Friends who are not there for you in their entirety are not a loss, they were never a valid addition to begin with. Someone who does not express interest, or provide you with undivided attention when needed, is absolutely unnecessary.

It is always a clear sign that you are not a friend, to a person you consider a friend, when just obtaining their attention is a struggle. Do not crowd yourself with people who care more about each other, than they do about you.

Friends should care about each other, not cast a blind eye to you in a room full of people.

On one hand, it is completely acceptable to reminisce over a friendship once it is lost. Just because your friendship went down the drain, does not mean the admirable memories went with it. We should never cancel out the good in someone, just because they also possess bad aspects. Remember: We all contain a side that can be viewed as unappealing to another individual – Not every person is your type of person.

On the other hand, the reminiscing should not allow you to remember things better than they certainly were. Our minds tend to view past instances as far more glorified than realistically true. Remember that negative, or unpleasant, details definitely occurred between yourself and your 'ex-friend.'

Although this post greatly highlights the occurrence of hostility – friendships do not always end as a result of bitter feelings. Sometimes, sadly, people drift apart. Waves are strong, and people leaving us for unidentified reasons is just the wave. Losing someone to a loss of communication is one of the most difficult happenings. Are we still friends? Can I still message you? We are unaware of our stance with this person, which can be emotionally draining if we dwell on it for far too long. Do not dwell, carry on.

How long someone chooses to love you will never be your decision.