lately i feel like peaople just have too much time.
i am constantly busy. whether im in school, doin school work, walking my dog or doing otger ppls shit.
yet everyone else seems to have too much time.
talking shit behind ppls backs, starting drama.
whats going on. never in my 17 1/2 years of life i have experienced something quite like that.
right when i felt like everything was going great everything went down will.
in times like the they say you see who your real frineds are. but what if no one is real, and everyone is fake? who are you supposed to turn to buy yourslf?
where do ppl take the time to come up with shit? how is that all they can do? dont they have anything to do?
everyone always says millenials are on their phones too much. in times like this i wish for me and my "friends" that was true. but ppl have too much time these days