Toxic people are, seemingly, the hardest to rid from your life. At some points, the toxicity of their actions and their negativity towards your life, seem as though they aren’t 'as bad' as anticipated. Once you have fallen into the habit of pushing aside an individual’s negative impact on your life, and passing it off as something to be expected from them, you have fatally overdosed.

Intuition is one of the strongest urges anyone can have, in my opinion, it always leads us in the right direction. Although, pushing intuition and 'gut feelings' to the side, are one of our many weaknesses. I have grown to realize that how I feel, deep down, reflects a greater truth in my ongoing reality.

Having fallen victim to passing people off as a greater good than realistically true, personally, I have come to realize that what you see is what you get. Initial behaviours in a person certainly have the potential to change over time, but their underlying actions still hold true.

People who have the greatest negative impacts on our lives tend to leave us in a state of destruction. I believe our problem, as people who always try and seek the greater good in others, is that we fail to understand the other side of their personality, and their motives. You cannot fix everyone, some people refuse to be mended.

In a state of insecurity, many tend to seek individuals who are, in some terms, broken or in need of positivity. This, however, is no way to find someone who will treat you with dignity and respect. People who are lacking a certain aspect, for example, lacking the potential to treat others with admiration, or love – tend to take from others what they currently do not possess. This mode of growth can only be explained, personally, as emotional theft.

It truly is a tragedy when a person filled with love and aspiration for another is robbed of what makes them a wholesome and caring individual. Being robbed from positive aspects can be done in three ways: Physically, emotionally and mentally.

Physical robbery is not, by any means, the same as having physical possessions stolen. The physical robbery of an individual, can simply be explained as, obtaining access and trust to a person’s body when your intentions go no further than to commit a lustful crime.

Emotional robbery involves lies. Lying to another person, who only offers good intentions and love, and making them believe that your intentions are the same as theirs, when in all honesty – they aren’t, is emotional robbery. Do not tell a person you love them when your intentions for them are no different than your intentions for another.

Mental robbery is potentially the most fatal, in regards to a person who has nothing but good intentions. When you mentally rob someone, you are leaving their mind bare, and their potential to loving another, or seeing the good in others – is absolutely removed. Mental robbery is stripping an individual of one of their greatest, and most vulnerable qualities – an optimistic outlook on love.

The outcome of trying to rebuild a fragile and unwilling individual rarely stands successful. In these terms, it is better to look on to those who have the same beliefs as you, the same intentions when it comes to love. This by no means is an influence to those who strive off helping others, with everything in you – help others! But, helping and taking on the responsibility to completely rebuild are completely different. Do not remove the golden parts of yourself in order to fix an aluminium foundation. Fix yourself first, find gold in others, and be inspired by the greater good.

Spread love.